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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reset the keyless entry/keypad on the outside of my garage door?

Wireless KeypadFirst, make sure that your garage door is open and that you can easily move between the keypad and the operator head unit (attached to the ceiling).

  1. To Reset the Code of an Existing Keypad: Press and Hold the PROGRAM and Up/Down Arrows (Send Button) until the keypad is no longer blinking (usually about 15 seconds). The remainder of the process is the same as that of a new installation; continue to the next set of instructions.
  2. For New Installation: As we go through these steps, press each button very slowly. To program the code of the keypad, Press 3-5-7 and PROGRAM. Next, enter the 4 to 6-digit code of your choosing. Select PROGRAM again. Now the keypad “knows” your code. Go to the head unit (attached to the ceiling) and locate the Learn Code button. On newer models, this will be a square button. Press and hold this button until the LED indicator light begins to flash blue. As soon as it starts flashing, release the button so that you don’t erase any of the operator’s other programmed instructions. Return to the exterior keypad and enter the 4 to 6-digit code that you set earlier. Remember to press the buttons slowly. This allows the operator plenty of time to “learn” your keypad. After you have entered the code, Press the PROGRAM button 3-4 times. On the third or fourth “press” the door should go into motion and the keypad will be programmed.

How do I program my handheld remote (transmitter)?

First, make sure that you can easily and safely reach the Learn Code button on the operator head unit. On newer models, this will be a square button. Press and Hold this button until the LED indicator light begins to flash blue. The operator is now in Learn mode. Press the desired button of the handheld remote 3 to 4 times. After the first “press” the LED indicator light will change from flashing blue to a solid purple light. On the third or fourth press of the remote button, the garage door will go into motion letting you know that the programming was successful. Helpful Tip: Press the remote button slowly.



How do I program my car to the garage door opener?

This can be a tricky task. You’ll first need to determine if your car’s programming system is HomeLink or Car2U. This information can be found in your Owner’s Manual. We recommend following the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. If you continue to struggle with this process, we’d be glad to establish a service call and have a technician assist.

How can I tell if my garage door has a broken spring?

There are two types of spring systems that are most common: Torsion and Extension springs. When the door is in the closed position, torsion springs are located above the door on a bar (called a shaft). When these springs break, it is typically very loud; that will be your first clue! However, if you are not home when this happens, you can look at the springs and should be able to recognize that the spring coil is split into two pieces. Note: The number of springs on a door varies by door size and weight. It’s possible that your door may only have one, but if there are two, you’ll have something to compare the broken one.

Extension springs are located at each side of the door along/above the horizontal piece of track that the garage door rolls in. When these break, the spring will be in two pieces, as well. Oftentimes the cable(s) will be broken or off the drums, too.

Aside from these visual cues, the garage door will also be VERY heavy if you try to lift it manually. We do not advise using the electric operator during this time as it could damage the motor unit. If you must raise the door, we recommend leaving the operator engaged and having one person hold down the wall button while another person assists the door in going up. Do not continue to operate the door in this manner. This technique is for emergency situations only! Please contact us as soon as possible to set up a convenient repair appointment.

While we do sell these parts over the counter, the replacement of any spring is only recommended to be completed by an Experienced Service Technician. Please bring in the complete broken spring so that we can gauge the wire and measure the length of the spring in its entirety.

My garage door keeps reversing when I try closing it with the Wall Button or the Remote. What’s wrong?

This issue is most commonly associated with an obstruction of the photo-eye safety sensor/beam. Make sure that nothing is sitting in front of the “eyes” and that they are clean of any cobwebs or debris. If these sensors can’t “look at each other”, your garage door will not close properly. If you’ve cleaned the sensors and checked for obstructions but the issue persists, Contact Us to establish a service appointment. You can hold the wall button and override this safety feature in order to close your garage door in the meantime. We do not recommend this as a permanent solution, however. Minimize use of the garage door when all safety features are not functioning properly.

My opener doesn’t respond to the remotes or wall button at all. What’s wrong?

We first suggest checking the vacation lock. Most units have these, and they may be in the form of a switch or a button. If the vacation lock is engaged, the door will not work at all from either device. If you’ve tested the operator by engaging/disengaging the locking feature but are still experiencing issues, Call Us to set up a service order. There could be an issue with the circuit board.

When I press the wall button, my opener just hums. What’s wrong?

It sounds like there is a circuitry issue, and the control board may need to be replaced. Contact our office to set up a service call.

Help! I’ve lost power at my house and cannot open the garage door!

Battery Back-up and OHD Anywhere Wifi-Integrated electric operatorDon’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In the event of an emergency, you can pull the emergency release cord and operate the door manually. The cord is usually red or yellow and should be within your grasp. In the future, to avoid the hassle of releasing the trolley and operating the door manually, consider installing a Battery Backup.

To re-engage the release, pull the cord toward the back of the garage. You’ll notice a small lever that will snap back into place. Once this is completely engaged, you should be able to operate the door with the motor again without issue.

I want to open/close my garage door with my cell phone. How do I set this up?

iPhone - Overhead Door IconCall our office and speak with a salesperson to figure out if there is a system that can integrate with your opener. We’ll be happy to order any parts that you may need. While we will install the hardware, we leave the connectivity of the system for the customer to complete. We don’t want any breach in the security of your home’s network. For information on our mobile app garage door opener, please reference our blog post all about it!

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