Buying and Installing Your New Garage Door

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Getting a new garage door and having it installed can be a very intimidating process. We at The Overhead Door Company of Savannah™ understand this and want to make hiring a garage door installer as easy as possible.

Installing a new garage door is no easy task. There are many moving parts behind getting a new door delivered, assembled, and installed correctly in your garage. While handier, experienced, and technical people could pull off installing a garage door without a professional, it is recommended that the majority of people go through a reputable garage door distributor.

Overall, buying and having a new garage door installed is a lot of work. You will have questions about pricing, installation, things to avoid, etc. This is why we decided to put this article together on things you want to know when considering a new garage door.

How much does it cost to install a garage door?

That isn’t an easy question to answer. The installation price varies from the type of door, where it is being installed, etc. The Overhead Door Company of Savannah™ likes to do installation service pricing on an estimate basis. Creating an estimate makes several things possible!

One of the main reasons we do estimates is to get to know you through the decision-making process. As we said, the installation cost is highly situational, and there will be things we have to take into account when giving a price on installation services. You may want a modern aluminum door installed on the house in a remote area. Or a rustic, wooden door installed on a maisonette in an upscale neighborhood. Regardless of what you want, the estimation process makes things easier on everyone and allows both parties to reach an understanding before installation moves forward.

Can I install my new garage door myself?

Unless you have experience installing and servicing garage doors, we don’t recommend installing your new door yourself. If you want your new garage door to work, some steps need to be done correctly. Missing a part or installing one part before another could mean the difference between no problems and a total mechanical disaster.

Installing a garage door incorrectly could also result in severe injury and even death. Garage door parts are heavy and can easily hurt an inexperienced person attempting to do an install by themselves. More technical features of these doors, like the engine, tracks, and torsion spring, can cause injury if not handled the right way. For example, people have been killed while installing a torsion spring without proper supervision.

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Installing a new garage door is not a simple process. However, at The Overhead Door Company of Savannah™, we understand this and do our best to make a new garage door stress-free. We’ll come up with an estimate that fits your needs, budget, and home/business situation. After that, your door will be ordered, delivered, and installed by one of our experienced garage door technicians.

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